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Every once in a while I’ll post a little “Blog” about life in my own words. Here’s the first one: Balance

What I want you to think about is life is like sitting on top of a soccer goal, it’s unstable and one wrong move can hurt more then you possibly know. You have to know how to take hits and not fall and hurt yourself. My dad threw a  soccer all at me, I didn’t catch it, but I took a hit. Look at your life and see how many hits you take, whether is a girl/boy upsetting you, someone pissing you off, or getting in an accident. You take many hits in your day and week. But what you do to Balance it with your good things is how you stay afloat in the game of life.


If you work to hard to balance yourself, your going to tire yourself out and you will fall eventually, but if you look at your life and let it come as it comes and learn to adapt to it you will successfully stay seated on top of the soccer goal.


Here’s my goal to you: Go up to one person a day and give them a simple compliment. It’s simple but I guarantee you that maybe 1-2 people will actually do it. Our life has become more of a insulting world, no one gives compliments or constructive criticism. We always go to intentionally hurt someone. If you would stop bitching at people and actually try to help them out in telling people how to become a better person, then the world will become a whole lot better place. Try being a critic and help someone become better. Don’t insult them, be a good critic, it may hurt them to hear the truth but its better then attacking them with insults.


Try it.


Critic: anyone who expresses a value judgement, good or bad, may be positive (in praise of an object of attention), negative (in dispraise), or balanced (weighing a combination of factors both for and against). -Wikipedia

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