February 9, 2019 — So, I thought I would finally make another blog and just kind of update the world on everything that’s been going on. It’s been a whirlwind of a ride in the recent months. I work at FedEx Express at the Indianapolis International Airport and we just survived our busiest peak to date. I’d expect 2019 to pass the 2018 peak business but we’ll just see about that in the coming months. Anyways, lets just do a quick update on me.

Following the record setting peak season at Fedex, the work life really hasn’t slowed down as I thought it might. Living in Indianapolis we have experienced a period of extremely cold weather as well as snow and ice. If you know anything about snow/ice and airplanes, they don’t get along well. So we’ve been using a ton of de-icing fluid to make sure these aircrafts can fly safely and deliver your package but the effects of that is very time consuming. Other than making sure the Hub is able to quickly, and safely de-ice the airplanes I’ve been in more training to further my career here at FedEx. One of the new qualifications I’m excited and proud that I have is Aircraft Tiedown, most people have no idea what this means but the seriousness of this can not be understated. I’ve write a more in-depth article about what Aircraft Tiedown is in the coming days.

Outside of work, life hasn’t slowed down at all. My girlfriend and I have started looking for a bigger house, even considering building for the future. I’m extremely excited for the future with her. FedEx also introduced a new program for it’s employees called FedEx LiFE. Which basically means FedEx will pay for a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Leadership for free, as long as you stay employed during the time you are taking courses. This has been an amazing opportunity that I have taken on. I currently am in my first full semester back in college, which is weird to say for me at age 25.

The last major thing that’s happened is I traded in my Dodge Challenger for a Dodge Durango. As much as it sucks losing the sports car that was my favorite car I’ve been in possession, she was replaced by a beast of a car. The Durango is by far my favorite car now and it’s so nice not to have to ask for help when moving large items anymore. Welp, that’s about it for this post, thanks for reading!